Whole Home Air Sanitizers

Whole Home Air Sanitizers

To improve your home’s air quality, installing a whole home air sanitizer is an excellent option. With a whole home air sanitizer, you can enjoy a healthier indoor environment, free from pollutants and bacteria. Whole home air sanitizers are also beneficial in decreasing the amount of dust, pet dander, smoke, and mold in your home, all of which can cause allergies and respiratory issues.

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What Do Central Air Sanitizers Do?

These devices often use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill the airborne microorganisms and other pollutants that can circulate through your home’s HVAC system. The UV light works by destroying the DNA of the bacteria, viruses, and other organisms, making them unable to reproduce or even survive. This helps to ensure that your family is breathing in clean, healthy air.
Whole Home Air Sanitizers
Whole Home Air Sanitizers 2

Have Your Equipment Installed by Pros

To install your whole home air sanitizer, it is best to have an experienced AC technician from a licensed AC company like Flo-Rite Air Conditioning & Heating do the job. Having a technician install the equipment ensures that it is done correctly and works optimally. 

Our certified and highly skilled technicians serve customers in Tampa, Plant City, Riverview, Valrico, Seffner, and the surrounding regions, and we look forward to helping you and your family breathe cleaner, fresher air.

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At Flo-Rite Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand the importance of having a healthy indoor environment and are committed to providing our customers with the best AC services. Our technicians can help you select the right air sanitizing equipment for your home and will ensure it is installed properly. We also offer a variety of AC repair and maintenance services, including air conditioning check-ups, filter replacements, and system tune-ups. If you need help with improving your home’s air quality, you can count on Flo-Rite Air Conditioning & Heating to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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