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Importance Of An HVAC Warranty

Importance Of HVAC Warranty


An HVAC system is one of the most valuable investments in your residential or commercial property. Therefore, it’s essential to protect it to enjoy the service of your investment for long. An HVAC warranty is one of the best ways to protect the unit. A warranty for the AC is a statement of promise that will oblige a vendor to repair or possibly replace the unit within the specified situations, terms, and time frame defined when making a purchase.

Despite its importance, many home and business owners don’t fully understand the importance of a warranty and don’t consider it serious when installing an HVAC unit on their property. The following are the importance of a warranty for an air conditioning system and other aspects you need to know about the AC warranty.


Benefits of an HVAC Warranty

Saves on Cost

An air conditioner may break down shortly after installation due to a faulty that the vendor or the installation company overlooked. Covering for the repairing or replacement costs can be overwhelming for the customer because they least expected. Luckily, if you have a warranty for the unit, you don’t have to worry about the repairs or replacement costs. It gives you the right to ask the HVAC Company you outsourced the service and unit to deal with the defects without charging you. However, you should check the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty to ensure the defects are covered.

Conditional Service

After-sales support is essential to ensure the unit serves you well. Even when there are no visible defects on the AC, regular servicing is required to ensure it functions well without underlying issues that may break it down in the future. When you have a warranty, you can enjoy such after-sale services. However, you should carefully read through the warranty terms to know what is covered in the after-sale service.

Peace of Mind

AC warranty is proof of confidence in the quality of the unit and installation. It shows that the company has the assurance that there is nothing wrong with its functionality or installation. Therefore, when you use their services, you will have peace of mind knowing the system cannot fail you when you least expect it.

Even though the warrant gives assurance of a faultless unit, it may develop issues because of something the manufacturer overlooked. The warrant also relieves you of the fear of dealing with such scenarios because as long as they occur within the warranty period, the company will cover for them.

Therefore, a warranty will give you peace of mind by knowing your unit is quality, and should anything happen that is not your fault; the AC Company will handle it.

Parts Replacement

If your HVAC unit malfunctions due to a failed part during the warranty period, the parts will be replaced for you. However, most warranties do not cover the replacement of all the parts of the unit. You should check what parts are covered in a warranty to avoid getting frustrated when you claim for a replacement for a part that was not included in the warranty.

Increased Property Value

If your house is on the market for sale, a warranty for the AC can increase its value. Most people are careful when making a purchase and give attention to every detail, no matter how minor it might be. An HVAC warranty will assure potential buyers that they will not start to incur extra costs once they buy the house to repair or replace the unit.

However, you should check with the AC Company to know whether the warranty is transferable to another party before listing it as a selling point for your on-sale property.

Voiding the HVAC Warranty

While an HVAC warranty may be beneficial, some instances can lead to voiding it. The AC Company can hold you answerable for the unit’s defect and failure, making you responsible for any repairs or replacements required. The following are things you can do that can lead to failure of the unit and annul the warranty for the ac unit.

Improper Installation

An AC unit can fail due to poor installation, in which case you will be held at fault. You should hire a professional company’s services to do the installation to avoid such situations and keep your warranty valid.

Lack of Maintenance

An HVAC unit is like any other mechanical device. It requires regular maintenance and servicing to keep it working in good conditions. You should not install the unit and forget about it. It will require lubrication, changing of filters, and other essential tunings to avoid failure. If the unit malfunctions and the AC Company determine that the failure resulted from a poor maintenance routine, they may cancel the warranty. Hire a professional to check on your unit regularly to avoid such situations.

Use of Wrong Parts

If you change any parts of the unit within the warranty period and cause the whole system to malfunction, you will void the warranty. If you have to do a replacement, use the ones recommended by the manufacturer because they have been tested and proven to be compatible with the unit.

Unregistered Unit

When you buy and install an AC unit, you need to register it with the company to make you eligible for the warranty benefits. The company you outsource the services will guide you on what is required to do this.

Lack of Documentation

When you claim any benefits outlined in the HVAC warranty, you need to have supporting documents. You will need to produce the agreement paperwork, maintenance proof, professional installation proof, and replaced parts purchases if any repairs or replacement have been done on the unit. Therefore, it’s crucial you safely keep any documentation relating to your HVAC system to ensure they are available if need be.

Unprofessional Handling of the Unit

If your unit malfunctions due to unprofessional handling, you will be held accountable for the fault and void the warranty. Whether you are doing minor repairs, replacement, or any other task relating to the unit, you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor to keep your warranty intact.

AC companies cannot guarantee flawless HVAC units. However, a warranty for the ac unit makes them liable for any failures resulting from their fault. The warranty saves home and business owners from costly repairs or replacement if the unit malfunctions within the warranty period. Therefore, when making such a purchase, ensure it comes with a warranty. Read through it carefully to understand what it covers.

Flo-Rite Air Conditioning and Heating understand the importance of an HVAC warranty for your home or business. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured air conditioning company located in Plant City, Florida that sells, services, installs and provides maintenance for all the major carriers including York, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, and Trane. Call us today to schedule a free estimate at 813-380-9622 or send us a message to learn more about our Plant City AC company.

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